Top VPS providers offering $5 Virtual Private Server Plans

I have seen a blog listing cheap vps server providers going for $19.95/month and this is quite misleading!. The cost of VPS hosting has dramatically dropped over the last few years. Today, you can get a fully working VPS plan for around $5/month.  In this guide, I am going to talk about the best VPS providers who are on top of the market. Also, I have selected the only renowned VPS provider with proven track record. Remember, cheap VPS does not always mean the best and this is why I have selected only the best companies offering the Virtual Private Servers.

VPS hosting comparison

VPS Provider Digital Ocean Linode Vultr Amazon Lightsail
Price $5 $5 $5 $5
Storage 25GB 20GB 20GB 20GB
CPU Cores 1 1 1 1
Bandwidth 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB
VPS Purchasing Links Try Digital Ocean Try Linode Try Vultr Try Amazon Lightsail

Digital Ocean $5 VPS

Digital Ocean was founded in 2011 and its droplets goes for as little as $5/month, 1Vcpu and an extended SSD drive space of 25Gb. You can see this is the noteable difference that makes digital ocean stand among the other players.

Their Cheap VPS hosting are well balanced and fine-tuned with a vast amount of memory that allows you to scale up as required. You should consider Digital Ocean whether you are running blogs, web applications or just testing with a server environment.

The New York based giant boasts of over a million customers and is the 3rd largest cloud computing company in the world rivaling Alibaba and Amazon.

Linode $5 virtual host plan

Linode was started in 2003 and has customers across more than 100 countries. They have friendly support and good services. Linode sees VPS as their top niche and are quite consistent with their services and their data centres are spread across the globe. Apart from their $5 VPS hosting, they have better VPS plans with more RAM, CPU cores and SSD storage. Linode boasts of a reliability of around 99.99%.

Vultr $5 vps hosting

Vultr offers $5 brilliant VPS hosting and you can deploy your Linux instance with their bare metal cloud storage. They also have great add-on products apart from the compute engine including dedicated servers block storage and dedicated cloud. Vultr has also introduced $2.5 plan that comes with a RAM of 512MB, 20GB SSD and a monthly bandwidth transfer of around 500GB. Vultr VPS runs on 100% Intel CPU’s

Amazon Lightsail $5 cheap vps

Amazon Lightsail advertises their $5 plans as ‘Virtual private servers made easy’. They have everything you need to jump start your cloud needs including compute engine, storage and network products. Amazon is a Big name and they keep their products simple, reliable and secure. They make virtual private server a breeze. Scaling up or down in Amazon is also very easy and their data centres span across 10 different global regions. They have a no non-sense pricing starting from $5 to $40.


If you are looking for cheap vps hosting , I would advise you to go with these top VPS providers in the market today. Do not be mislead by blogs that advertise for $19.95 VPS hosts. Most of them advertise high ticket plans so that they can make more commissions but they haven’t done any proper research on the best vps hosting. I hope my vps hosting comparison will assist you to buy the best VPS server.

As always if you are getting started, try Digital Ocean or Vultr and install Ubuntu 16.04 as the operating system because it is easy to deploy and manage. You can later switch to CentOs and other Os as your familiarize yourself with linux vps hosting.

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