How to Convert a Dell TFT Monitor to a Digital TV

A Dell TFT monitor displays a very sharp image. If you have upgraded your computer, you might have a display like that lying idle on your home or office.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay much to buy  a new TV. You can convert that super brilliant Dell TFT screen to a digital TV without any soldering.


The back side of a Dell TFT with DVI input highlighted in red
  • A digital TV box with HDMI output port and access to free to air channels or satellite channels.

    • A HDMI to DVI cable costs less than $10
HDMI to DVI Cable
Amazon HDMI to DVI Cable
Stereo Amplifier
Stereo Amplifier

Step 1: Connect your digital TV box to an aerial and power supply.

Connect your TV box to an aerial or digital supply. Also, make sure your device is connected to a power supply.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI to DVI cable

Connect your HDMI side of your HDMI to DVI cable to the digital TV box. Also, hook the DVI output side to the Dell TFT monitor. Make sure your TFT monitor is also connected to a power supply.

Step 3: Connect the audio output of the TV box to the input of a stereo or  a sub-woofer

The sound generated by your digital TV box needs to be amplified when you are watching TV. Hence, you need to connect it to a stereo system, amplifier or a sub-woofer.

Most digital TV boxes come with RCA cables coded with red and white colors. You need to connect that cable to your digital TV box and your stereo

Step 4: Power on everything and search for Channels

Once everything is said and done, power on your digital TV box, TFT monitor and amplifier/stereo system/sub-woofer.

Your TFT monitor will display the output from the digital TV box and because this is the first time you are setting up the system., you will be prompted to search for channels.

Once the searching is complete, you will see crisp images of your TV and you will be able to enjoy  a stereo sound from your TV box. Enjoy.