5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming a de facto standard for running modern businesses. It is basically a practice of using remote rented servers and software to store and process data.

Cloud computing runs on the internet and eliminates the need of keeping physical hardware and software at your office.

The technology has gained a lot of popularity because of its vast benefits as we will discuss in this article.

Why are companies building clouds or opting to run their software/hardware on the cloud?

#1: To focus on their primary objectives

Running your core software application on the cloud will help you to realize your primary objectives. This is actually true for small and medium sized companies which are not prepared in hiring a full time IT support staff. Also, the cloud infrastructure is very cost effective when compared to maintain physical copies on a local server e.g. running QuickBooks on the internet e.t.c

#2: Connectivity

If your company is to perform optimally, you need to have a centralized repository for keeping your database.  I have spent the last 5 years building software applications that run on the cloud.

Most companies are in a dire need of software that can be accessed from any place around the world provided there is internet connectivity.

One of the benefits of cloud computing is allowing you to do business without borders irrespective of the geographic location of your employees.

3#: Adopting New Technologies

Information technology may become obsolete over time. For instance, a few years ago, most servers were running Hard disks which were extremely very slow. The RAM and CPU available for the servers were still on the lower side. This is where the advantages of cloud computing when it comes to providing newer technologies at no extra cost.

Today, modern servers offered by cloud providers utilize the latest technologies e.g. SSD (Solid State Drives) which are several times faster. A company utilizing the cloud does not have to buy new hardware to benefit from the technology. The cloud company will invest and give the service to its customers at an affordable price

4#: Scaling up

Consider a case where your business is required to have tons and tons of hard drive space. This would require your firm to own a data center which can be extremely expensive to provision and maintain.  With the cloud, you just select a required plan and scale up as your data needs increase

5#: Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

Your company may lose the entire database if a disaster happens. For instance, if there is flooding, earthquake or fire in your workplace, your servers and backups might be completely destroyed. Although a cloud utilizes physical servers as well that can be susceptible to the same problems, utilizing their backup solutions is easier.

Types of cloud computing technologies to consider for your business

Software as a service

  • eg. QuickBooks online, Dropbox

Virtual private server

  • Some of the best VPS cloud computing hosting providers include Vultr, Linode and Digital Ocean. Once you provision your VPS, consider installing your application on that server. For instance, software like Own Cloud is a good online file storage technology.
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