Steps for Creating a Hello World Application Using Vb.Net (Visual Studio)

Steps for Creating a Hello World Application Using Vb.Net (Visual Studio)

In the previous articles, we learnt about the introduction to visual and parts of visual studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment.

In this guide, we are going to learn how you can create your first “Hello world” application on the Visual Studio IDE.

A “Hello World!” application is the simplest program to make in the Visual Studio Environment. It simply displays the words “Hello Word!” on the screen.

This is the first program that you should write as a beginner using programming. The “Hello World!” demonstrates the basic syntax of the programming language.


  • A computer running any version of Visual Studio
  • If you haven’t downloaded or installed the free version of Visual Studio, kindly refer to our getting started guide 

Step 1: Launching Visual Studio

On the Start Menu select “All Programs->Visual Studio

The splash screen will be displayed for a few seconds and Visual Studio will finally open

Step 2 : Creating a new Project

Launch a new project by clicking File->New->Project

Step 3: Selecting a template

On the templates nodes, select Visual Basic. On the list of templates, select Windows Forms Application as seen on the screen below.

At the bottom of the New Project screen, you will see a “Name” text box; just enter the word HelloWorld without spaces.

Then, you need to select a location to save your project. Click Browse, then select your folder location and give it a descriptive name e.g. “HelloWorld” without quotes.

Leave the Solution name intact and click ‘OK’ to create your Hello World application 

Step 4 : Add the Code

A default form will be created. We will need to add a command button on the form from the tool box.

So, on the tool box, click on the button tool and then draw it on the default form displayed.

Next, we need to paste the below code on the button’s click even. So, double click the button to switch to the code editing mode and copy paste the text below.

Public Class Form1

    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        MsgBox("Hello World!")

    End Sub

End Class

Visual Studio will automatically create a class as shown above. The Class Form1 has a single method that handles our button’s click event.

The Msgbox part simply tells Visual Studio to display the words, “Hello World!” in a message box once we run our application.

Step 5: Testing the application

To run the Hello World Application, select the Debug menu then click on Start Debugging. Alternatively, you can press F5 to run the application.

Then click on the button that we created above and you should see message box displaying the worlds ‘Hello World!’ as show below.

That’s it; you have created your first Visual Basic.Net application.

Parts of a VB.NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

To start from your computer, go to Start Menu->All Programs->Visual Studio (2015). A splash screen will display for a view seconds and finally, a dashboard will be displayed.

Then click on the File menu and select “New project”

On the template (Top left of the form), select Visual Basic and make sure “Windows Form Application” is selected as shown on the image below.

You may also change the .net framework that you are targeting on the middle top part of the “New Project” screen. However, the default .net Framework 2.0 should work for light-weight programs.

At the bottom, you will see a textbox for naming your project; just use a self descriptive name like ‘MyFirstApp’. Also, you need to select a folder where your project’s file will be saved. The solution name will be filled by default and you can leave it that way. Then click ‘OK’ to start the new project.

Parts of a VB.NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

File Menu

You can use the file menu to save or open your project, edit, find and replace text. You can also use the View Menu to display the toolbox or solutions explorer if they are not visible. The project menu is used to add new forms, classes or modules.

Tool bar

The tool bar contains different shortcuts for opening/saving projects as well as running your project once it is ready for debugging.

Status Bar

It appears on the bottom of the IDE. It displays the status of the current operation. By default, it will display a “Ready” status but this will change once your run the application.

Solutions explorer

The solutions explorer appears at the right-most part of the IDE. It displays all the objects that you are using on your project including your forms, datasets, reports, modules, references and different resources that you have used on your project

Tool box

The tool box displays different visual objects/tools that you can use on your form. The most common tools include:

  • Label
  • Textbox
  • Command Button
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Listbox
  • Combo box
  • Picture box
  • Date & Time Picker and
  • Progress Bar

If you want to use any of the above controls, just click it and point your mouse on the default form to draw the control.

Once you have mastered the parts of a Visual Studio IDE, we need to proceed to creating the first software – the Hello World! Application 

Introduction to Visual Basic.Net

Visual Basic.Net is a programming language that was released by Microsoft in 2002. Its predecessor was Visual Basic. To program using Vb.Net, programmers use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as Visual Studio.

Although there is an Enterprise version of Visual Studio, a programmer can use  free editions such as Visual Studio Express and Community Edition which can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Website.

The ‘”VISUAL” part refers to the aspect of programming using a graphical user interface to choose, draw and even modify a code written in BASIC programming Language.

BASIC is an acronym for Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code that was designed in 1964 by John G. Kemeny, Thomas E. Kurtz and Mary Kenneth Keller in a United States school – Dartmouth College. BASIC is an all purpose high level programming language that is easy to use.

.Net is a framework of libraries designed by Microsoft to run primarily on the Windows Operating System. When a programmer creates a program using the .net framework, it is executed in an environment known as Common Language Runtime (CLR).

The .net library provides programmers with access to a user interface, data management tools, cryptography, numeric algorithms, web applications as well as network connectivity.

Visual Basic.Net is easy to learn and write code with hence there are lots of working programs already written on that language. It is estimated that about 3 million programmers utilizes the .net framework to design, code and implement professional applications.

Programming with Visual Studio.Net

To start using, download the community edition . You can choose between Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017. The two works fine.

Also make sure that your computer has the following system requirements:

  • 6 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB of RAM (1.5 GB if running on a virtual machine)
  • 4 GB of available hard disk space
  • DirectX 9-capable video card (1024 x 768 or higher resolution)

Installing Visual Studio.Net

Once the download is complete, you need to install Visual Studio on your computer. You may be prompted to install additional components during the installation.

When the installation is complete, you can launch Visual Studio from Start menu -> Programs.

Start Visual

In the next section, we are going to learn about the different parts of a Visual IDE.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming a de facto standard for running modern businesses. It is basically a practice of using remote rented servers and software to store and process data.

Cloud computing runs on the internet and eliminates the need of keeping physical hardware and software at your office.

The technology has gained a lot of popularity because of its vast benefits as we will discuss in this article.

Why are companies building clouds or opting to run their software/hardware on the cloud?

#1: To focus on their primary objectives

Running your core software application on the cloud will help you to realize your primary objectives. This is actually true for small and medium sized companies which are not prepared in hiring a full time IT support staff. Also, the cloud infrastructure is very cost effective when compared to maintain physical copies on a local server e.g. running QuickBooks on the internet e.t.c

#2: Connectivity

If your company is to perform optimally, you need to have a centralized repository for keeping your database.  I have spent the last 5 years building software applications that run on the cloud.

Most companies are in a dire need of software that can be accessed from any place around the world provided there is internet connectivity.

One of the benefits of cloud computing is allowing you to do business without borders irrespective of the geographic location of your employees.

3#: Adopting New Technologies

Information technology may become obsolete over time. For instance, a few years ago, most servers were running Hard disks which were extremely very slow. The RAM and CPU available for the servers were still on the lower side. This is where the advantages of cloud computing when it comes to providing newer technologies at no extra cost.

Today, modern servers offered by cloud providers utilize the latest technologies e.g. SSD (Solid State Drives) which are several times faster. A company utilizing the cloud does not have to buy new hardware to benefit from the technology. The cloud company will invest and give the service to its customers at an affordable price

4#: Scaling up

Consider a case where your business is required to have tons and tons of hard drive space. This would require your firm to own a data center which can be extremely expensive to provision and maintain.  With the cloud, you just select a required plan and scale up as your data needs increase

5#: Disaster Recovery and Redundancy

Your company may lose the entire database if a disaster happens. For instance, if there is flooding, earthquake or fire in your workplace, your servers and backups might be completely destroyed. Although a cloud utilizes physical servers as well that can be susceptible to the same problems, utilizing their backup solutions is easier.

Types of cloud computing technologies to consider for your business

Software as a service

  • eg. QuickBooks online, Dropbox

Virtual private server

  • Some of the best VPS cloud computing hosting providers include Vultr, Linode and Digital Ocean. Once you provision your VPS, consider installing your application on that server. For instance, software like Own Cloud is a good online file storage technology.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cheap Domain and Hosting Provider

While it might sound simple, choosing a cheap domain and hosting provider can be a tricky process. There are thousands of cheap web hosting services provider and choosing the best may be somehow confusing.  Let me show you the fool proof method that you can use to select the best and cheap web hosting company.

Tip # 1: Identify the top 5 reputable companies

A simple Google search for the term “top hosting providers” will bring you some good results about the best players in the world of hosting. For instance, at the time of writing this guide, I came up with the below list:

Of course when it comes to the best web hosting providers, you must review their features. To come up with the list above, I considered the following:

  • Online reputation – what the other customers think about the hosting companies
  • Customer support –availability of email, phone and live chat as well as response time
  • Product features including emails, SSD disk space, unlimited domains, PHP and MySQL support, free script installers, Cpanel, e.t.c

Tip # 2: Tabulate the companies together with their yearly subscription fees

In order to get a good overview of top cheap web hosting, you must compare the pricing of the hosting companies on a yearly basis.

Another thing to note is that you should list the best affordable web hosting pricing for the unlimited plans; some companies may provide cheap hosting but limit the number of domains that you can host on their servers.

So we need to consider the unlimited plans.

So with our list above, let’s do the tabulation:

No. Company Plan Monthly Price Yearly price
1 Bluehost Plus $7.95 $95.40
2 Hawkhost Professional $7.99 $95.88
3 Hostgator Baby $8.36 $100.32
4 A2 hosting Shared $8.99 $107.88
5 1 and 1 hosting Unlimited Plus $9.99 $119.88

With the above tabulation, you can clearly see which hosting company you should consider. However, you need to take other things into consideration as seen below.

Tip # 3: Review the domain name pricing

If you are buying a domain name from the same company that is hosting your site, you need to create an additional column before you do the final conclusion. A company might offer cheap hosting services but fail to offer affordable domains.

In my opinion, don’t discredit a hosting company because their domain name is a little bit pricey. In some situations, it is advisable to buy a cheap domain name from a reputable company like Namecheap and still buy a hosting space with your reputable hosting provider.

Tip # 4: Review the hosting contract terms

Also, it’s good to note that some cheap domain and hosting companies will offer the hosting services at a discounted rate for the first year and then change their pricing after that.

If you like a 3 year contract like I do, you should always consider the pricing terms that each cheap web hosting services company offers. A three year plan may be cheaper when compared to a 1 year hosting plan.

Tip # 5: Consider coupon codes and discounts

It’s also a good idea to apply coupon codes whenever necessary to get great discounts before your final purchase.

I hope this guide will help you in choosing the best web hosting service providers. Remember, all of the companies I have mentioned above are the top cheap web hosting providers.